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The Guppy Verse Roadmap

What's going on with this project?

ROADMAP Explosion.png

Release of The Guppy Verse NFT's

ROADMAP giveaways.png

Giveaways, events and Q&A's

-All 9,900 NFT's from The Guppy Verse have been released on OpenSea

-All NFT's from The Guppy Verse are also able to be bought and traded

-Members of The Guppy Verse Team will actively be interacting with holders and collectors (like you!) on all of our Social Media Platforms

-Giveaways, Events, Live Streams, Q&A sessions, Video Content and More things will take place progressively throughout the project. 

ROADMAP winners announcement.png

Winners announcements

-The Winners announcements will start once 1,000 NFT's have been bought from The Guppy Verse

-All Winners will be announced on our Social Media and Discord!


ROADMAP Guppy Breeding.png

Guppy breeding

-Expand The Guppy Verse! Guppy breeding will allow holders to combine 2 of their NFT's and make a third one!

-All traits will be customizable


ROADMAP metaverse guppy.png

Metaverse Guppies
Luxury aquariums

-NFT's from The Guppy Verse will be implemented into The Metaverse!
-This includes 3D Guppies, custom fish tanks, unique interactions with your Guppy and more!


Vault Guppy NFT.png

TOP Secret

-Not much can be said on this, but the rarer your NFT the better this will be!

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