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The Guppy Verse Details

The Guppy Verse is a collection of 9,900 NFT's which are lazy minted onto the OpenSea platform. The collection consists of 6 Rarity types: Unique, Rare, Very rare, Super Rare, Extremely Rare and Unquestionably Rare.

Each Guppy Verse NFT also has tickets, the rarer The Guppy Verse NFT, the more tickets it has, The tickets are used to draw WINNERS for the LUXURY VACATION.

The tickets are all pooled together, and after every 1,000 NFT's have been bought off of The Guppy Verse collection, WINNERS will be drawn from the pool of tickets randomly.


When WINNING NFT's are announced, the WINNING NFT's can still be sold and traded with the prize attached to it (Holders of the Winning NFT's can sell their verification to The Luxury Vacation Prize.) There is 


to when winning NFT's can be used, because the Luxury Vacation Prize never expires, as long as its not used.

The Luxury Vacation Prize consists of:

1 WEEK FREE STAY in a 5 Star Luxury Pool Villa near a wonderful beach in Thailand, Pattaya.

1 WEEK UNLIMITED  Luxury Vintage Car Driving Service with a personal chauffeur. (2 Cars available)

1 DAY AND NIGHT FREE STAY (24 hours) in a Luxurious Party Resort, this includes a WINNERS PARTY with unlimited alcoholic beverages (champagne. cocktails, spirits, whatever you can think of) and a fine dinner with waiters/ bartender present all night (or until whenever you want).

ALL WINNERS and Activities from The Guppy verse will be announced through our Social Media and Discord. 

The Winning NFT's for The Luxury Vacation Prize will become USED once the Holder of the WINNING NFT has arrived for their Luxury Vacation Prize.

USED WINNING NFT's no longer have a Luxury Vacation Prize attached to them, because the Prize was USED...obviously.

The Guppy Verse aims to be One Of The First NFT Businesses to involve Luxury Real Estate with the Metaverse. 

All 9,900 Guppy Verse NFT's will be directly connected to the Metaverse as The Guppy verse project gets developed. And depending on your Guppy Verse NFT Rarity it will have some awesome features. Winner NFT's (even if used) will have THE BEST features in the Metaverse.

Some examples include Guppy Verse Fish Tanks where holders of The Guppy Verse NFT's will be able to breed their Guppies and Expand the Guppy Verse. 


It is planned that the Metaverse Guppies would be interactable, meaning that they communicate, dance, eat, and many more things!

The Guppy Verse Team is very excited about the Metaverse, we aim to explore the potential of Luxury Real Estate  involved in the NFT industry and aim to be the FIRST of such a business in South East Asia.

Please check out our Social Media and Discord for daily updates, giveaways, polls, events and more!

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